Make it stick

Our innovative learning aids are designed to complement your existing magnetic whiteboards or blank uninspiring walls.

Pro level Tools

We are excited to announce a special collaboration between and Sport Specific. With over 20 years of experience working closely with top individuals and teams in global sports. is proud to offer their essentials range of products, combining expertise to deliver innovative solutions for the sports industry and beyond.​

White bored?

Are your whiteboards uninspiring? At we redefine learning through innovation, making education more interactive and effective. Our products transform classrooms into dynamic hubs of engagement.

Coaching & Sport

Our coaching aids are perfect for PE teachers or coaches, offered in two formats: low-tac stickers for smooth surfaces and magnetic, dry-erase worksheets for magnetic whiteboards.

Empty Walls?

Tansform any blank space into an immersive canvas for education. Our wall stickers are easy to apply and are finished with a dry erase surface. Elevate your learning environment with key diagrams, pitch layouts, and anatomical structures.

PE & Biology

This range ensures a visually engaging experience, encouraging interaction and immersion. Available in two formats: low-tac stickers for smooth surfaces and magnetic, dry-erase worksheets for magnetic whiteboards.

PE & Biology:

Need a facelift?

Do your old tired whiteboards need a facelift? Applying our stickers is a cinch! Clean the surface area, align the sticker using a straight edge, peel off a 5cm section of the backing, fix it in place, and smooth it down with a firm tool. Repeat until the backing is fully removed. The low-tac adhesive ensures easy repositioning without any residue.

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Magnetic Accessories

Various magnetic packs, name tags and counters have been designed to work with your boards. Our magnetics range are building blocks, allowing you and your colleagues to manage talent, organise and strategise

Magnetic counters:

When & why to use:

Magnetic worksheet

Our magnetic worksheets facilitate resource sharing, transforming blank whiteboards into dynamic educational displays. Students engage directly with curriculum material, promoting active participation and collaboration before presenting findings to the class.​

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When & why to use:

Dry erase stickers

Elevate your walls with our low-tac stickers designed for smooth surfaces. Explore our life-size anatomical range or add coaching aids for match day tactics. Refresh tired boards with our product for renewed vitality.​

Inspiring Education.

We understand high-performance practice in elite sport and we offer a distinctive perspective to education. We can implement transformative solutions, raising the bar for educational design and delivery. It’s not just adaptation; it’s infusing the spirit of elite performance into educational experiences and environments.


Our portable product range is coming soon.

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If you have innovative ways to incorporate products into your setting or know a colleague who does, share your ideas with us!

Turn your ideas into reality with us! We’re eager to bring your creative visions to life. We offer discounts for successful referrals and impactful product suggestions.