The dry-wipe system

What we do differently

Make your walls do more for you

We want to get your magnetic whiteboards working harder for you. Our worksheet products are made from a magnetic material and finished with a dry-wipe surface. Using magnetism, they adhere directly to an exiting magnetic whiteboard. They are designed around the school curriculum and common business requirements, ensuring that you never have to start with a blank space again.  When you are finished, simply wipe the sheet clean, roll-up and take it to another classroom or office.

What Sticky notes have been waiting for

The ubiquitous sticky note is such an amazing invention. Used by millions and performs millions of functions yet users of this incredible tool have little or no direction of how to get the best from them. Dry-wipe system features a subtle 75mm square grid and column layout to align, divide and categorise your sticky notes in an orderly way.

Whether you use sticky notes or our MagnetNotes, the dry-wipe wallsheet provides a structured foundation to work from.

Freestyle with Magnetic labels

Various magnetic header packs have been produced to work with the grid and column layout of our Worksheets. The magnet headers are building blocks allowing you and your colleagues to create custom layouts for planning, kanban and team activities.

Roll Packed & easily installed

The Dry-Wipe system uses innovative light weight materials and alternative installation methods that means you don’t need to drill and screw into the wall.

By developing flexible materials with low-tac adhesives that could be rolled and shipped in a tube, removes reliance on rigid plastics panels in our products, making them easy to install and reduce shipping weights & handling costs.