Low-tac wall stickers designed for smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, or windows. Transform a blank wall into a dynamic canvas for interactive learning.

100 x 100cm Anatomy Wall Stickers:

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is easy.

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Applying our wall stickers is a cinch! Clean the surface area, align the sticker using a straight edge, peel off a 5cm section of the backing, fix it in place, and smooth it down with a firm tool. Repeat until the backing is fully removed. The low-tac adhesive ensures easy repositioning without any residue. Transform your space effortlessly!

Empty Walls?

Our innovative low-tac wall sticker designed for smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, or windows. Say goodbye to traditional whiteboards, as our wall stickers are not only easy to apply but also come with a dry erase surface. Elevate your learning environment with key diagrams, pitch layouts, and anatomical structures that transform any blank space into an immersive canvas for education.

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Our Wall Stickers come in three sizes: Anatomy Wall Size (200 x 100cm), Pitches (100 x 70cm), and Everything Else (100 x 100cm).

Absolutely! Our Wall Stickers are designed for smooth surfaces, including walls, doors, and windows.

Yes, they are! The dry erase laminate finish makes it simple to wipe off markings and keep your Wall Stickers looking fresh for the next learning session.

We recommend using dry erase markers for optimal performance, regular markers can permanently mark the surface.

Applying Wall Stickers is a breeze. Simply peel and stick onto your desired surface. If you need to reposition, gently remove and reapply—it’s that simple!