About Us

We design and produce cutting-edge products specifically crafted for classrooms and learning environments, enhancing the overall experience of both teaching and learning.

Our innovative learning aids are designed complement your existing magnetic whiteboards or blank uninspiring walls. Whether it’s dry erase magnetic worksheets or life size Anatomy Walls, our products seamlessly integrate, elevating the learning experience. Transform traditional classrooms into dynamic hubs of engagement and collaboration. At dry-wipe.com, we redefine learning through innovation, making education more interactive and effective.

Elevate your teaching experience.

Unlock the potential of interactive learning with our magnetic Work Sheets featuring a convenient dry erase surface. Tailored for classrooms and learning spaces, these sheets not only enhance engagement but also effortlessly enhance any magnetic whiteboard you already have in play. Elevate your teaching experience with ease and versatility.

Boost classroom productivity

Work Sheets are a valuable asset for enhancing productivity in the classroom. Unlike standard whiteboards that might seem blank and uninspiring, Work Sheets provide purposeful frameworks to organize thinking, iteration, insights, ideas, processes, and collaboration. Specifically crafted for educational settings, these sheets serve as visual aids, helping students and educators stay organized and focused on their tasks. By integrating Work Sheets into the classroom, both students and educators can enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and ultimately achieve educational goals more effectively.

Cost effective.

Eco friendly.

Our products are designed not only for sustainability but also for shared versatility. Multiple designs can be shared between classrooms and departments, ensuring both an environmentally conscious and budget-friendly approach to education.

Have a bright idea?

If you have innovative ways to incorporate dry-wipe.com products into your setting or know a colleague who does, share your ideas with us!

Turn your ideas into reality with us! We’re eager to bring your creative visions to life. We offer discounts for successful referrals and impactful product suggestions.