Make it stick

Our innovative learning aids are designed to complement your existing magnetic whiteboards or blank uninspiring walls.

Whether it’s dry erase magnetic worksheets or life size Anatomy Walls, our products seamlessly integrate, elevating the learning experience. Transform traditional classrooms into dynamic hubs of engagement and collaboration. At, we redefine learning through innovation, making education more interactive and effective.

Our innovative products utilise lightweight materials and alternative techniques, eliminating the need for drilling and screwing into walls. 

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No drill?

No probs.

We’ve innovated with flexible materials featuring low-tac adhesives and dry-erase magnetic surfaces, perfect for seamlessly enhancing your current magnetic whiteboards.

Wall Stickers

Low-tac wall stickers designed for smooth surfaces such as walls, doors, or windows. Transform a blank wall into a dynamic canvas for interactive learning.

Learning That Sticks.

We design and produce cutting-edge products specifically crafted to be easily added to classrooms and learning environments.

Our products can help to enhance the overall experience of both teaching and learning.

Magnetic Work Sheets

Work Sheets are dry-erase, magnetic and stick to your existing magnetic whiteboards.


Our portable product range is coming soon.

Have a bright idea?

If you have innovative ways to incorporate products into your setting or know a colleague who does, share your ideas with us!

Turn your ideas into reality with us! We’re eager to bring your creative visions to life. We offer discounts for successful referrals and impactful product suggestions.